Naturalake Biosciences AquaSticker (30lb pail, 1lb pks)

AquaSticker is the latest innovation in aquatic bio-catalyst technologies. It is a biological sticking agent that disrupts the protective microbiota of algae and aquatic plants. AquaSticker stimulates competitive bacterial growth and encourages algae and aquatic plants to naturally uptake chemicals. This versatile technology boosts herbicide and algaecide performance in a variety of applications. It excels in hard water treatments and can be applied as a packet or in a tank mix as needed. AquaSticker blends well with most chemistries and biologicals including PondZilla and Water Column Clarifier. * This product is not for use in California, Washington, or Oregon. Rules for application must be followed in each state. Some states will not allow the use of this product and others have special permits. Call us, 888.757.9577 for more information. NOTE: AquaSticker DOES NOT kill aquatic plants or algaeFor additional product information, follow these links: MSDS and Product Label.

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