Keeton-Solaer Aeration System with 1 Diffuser

Keeton Industries changed the subsurface aeration market forever when we developed the first solar powered aeration system, Solaer™. Our patented solar powered aeration system is one of a kind. The energy efficient design allows them to be deployed anywhere and provide all of the benefits of a standard aeration system without the need for power. Benefits of Solaer™ Aeration: Improve Water Quality Enhance Water Clarity Improve Dissolved Oxygen Increase Fish & Aquatic Life Remove Bottom Sludge Decrease Offensive Odors Solar Powered Standard Systems for Ponds Up to 5 Acres Solaer™ features the same sound reduction package as our Quiet Line™ aeration systems, also making them extremely quiet. The 100% recycled plastic cabinet houses all of the critical components including the charge control system that monitors the solar panel array, the equipment load and the battery back-up system. The battery back-up enables the system to run at night or during extended periods of poor weather. Solaer™ is designed to operate 20 hours per day and has enough battery capacity to run the system up to three days without any solar input. Solaer™ systems include solar panels with pole mounting bracket, a specially designed, energy efficient compressor, a high volume cooling fan, a fully adjustable aluminum manifold, Duraplate™ diffusers and self-weighted Alpine™ tubing.

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