Clearcast® (1 Gal.)

To effectively control floating, emerged and shoreline weed species while allowing desirable plants to colonize, Clearcast® herbicide is the clear choice. Clearcast is ideal for aquatic areas used for fishing and other recreation activities. Minimal irrigation restrictions make Clearcast an excellent choice for a variety of aquatic environments, including golf course ponds and irrigation canals and ditches. Clearcast is the ultimate solution for long-term cattail control, leaving desirable grasses unharmed.

Low rates of Clearcast can also be used to growth regulate plants in and around aquatic sites, reducing the need for mowing and excessive herbicide treatment. It is recommended that foliar applications of Clearcast be made with an aquatically approved methylated seed oil (MSO) surfactant for best uptake of the product. Pesticide regulations in the following states prohibit us from shipping this product to AK, CA, CT, MA, ME, NH, NJ, NY, RI, VT and WA. For additional product information, follow these links: MSDS, and Product Label.

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