AquaPrep (2.5 gal) AquaPrep025_107 AquaPrep (2.5 gal) A specific blend of high quality enzymes with non-ionic surfactants designed to increase the efficiency of the naturally occurring microorganisms in reducing organic pond sediment ("muck"). Can be tank mixed with algaecides and herbicides during treatment $15000

ClearLake Muck Eliminator Tabs (1-24lb bucket) w/8oz bags/pkt KEE-40.8215 ClearLake Muck Eliminator Tabs (1-24lb bucket) w/8oz bags/pkt ClearLake™ Muck Eliminator Tabs remove muck and odor in high traffic zones like beaches, shorelines, docks and swimming areas by utilizing highly concentrated and specialized bacteria strains to do their work. $45000

ClearLake Pond & Lake Clarifier KEE-40.8105 ClearLake Pond & Lake Clarifier (1-24lb bucket) w/8oz bags/pkt ClearLake™ Pond & Lake Clarifier starts working instantly to clean and clear your pond or lake. ClearLake™ Pond & Lake Clarifier utilizes billions of unique strains of beneficial bacteria to breakdown the suspended organic material that causes off-color in the water column. $45000

PhosClear (40#) PhosClear40 PhosClear (40#) Lake & Pond Clarifier. Attaches to sediment particles suspended in the water column and causes them to sink to the bottom of the pond, clearing up the pond and returning it to a naturally beautiful state. $15000

Phoslock (50#) PHOSLOCK055 Phoslock (55#) Phoslock goes right to the root cause of why many ponds persistently experience poor water quality—excessive phosphorus levels. Phoslock allows pond owners to make one early season application and significantly reduce phosphorus levels, improving water qu $29800