Aquatic Herbicides

Some states restrict the sale of these products and may require permits to apply products sold here. Please check with your local and state regulators.

Touchdown Pro (2.5 gal) TP025 Touchdown Pro (2.5 gal) Glyphosate. Effective for systemic control of emersed and shoreline aquatic vegetation. $9900

Tradewind TRADEWIND Tradewind (2 lb bag) Aquatic plant managers have a new systemic chemistry to selectively control hydrilla (even fluoridone-resistant hydrilla), Eurasian watermilfoil and other aquatic plants—without killing many desirable plants such as spatterdock, maidencane and cattails. T $1,50720

Weedar 64 (2.5 gal) Weed025_197 Weedar 64 (2.5 gal) Liquid 2, 4-D Amine. For control of selected aquatic vegetation. **Due to Hazardous Material Designation, This product must be shipped by Freight Only. $7200

Weedtrine-D (1 gal) Weedt001_198 Weedtrine-D (1 gal) Liquid Diquat formulation containing 20% less active ingredient than the Reward formulation. $7500