Some states restrict the sale of these products and may require permits to apply products sold here. Please check with your local and state regulators.

SeClear Algaecide (1gal) SECLEAR001 PAK 27 (50 Lbs.) PAK® 27, the original Peroxygen non-copper algaecide, can be used as both a selective and broad-spectrum algae control solution. ***DUE TO HAZARDOUS MATERIAL DESIGNATION, THIS PRODUCT MUST BE SHIPPED BY FREIGHT ONLY - Calculated Freight Subject to Chang $14000

SeClear G Algaecide & Water Quality Enhancer SECLEAR G SeClear G (#50) SePRO has again advanced the science of algae management with the development of SeClear granule. This new granule formulation provides all of the proven algaecidal and water quality enhancement benefits of the liquid SeClear formulation with several impr $31100

SeClear-Algaecide (2.5 gal) SECLEAR025 SeClear-Algaecide (2.5 gal) SeClear is the first algaecide and water quality enhancer in one designed to replace routine algaecide programs. SeClear provides effective control of a broad-range of algae species while reducing in-water phosphorus levels with each application. $5500