Vertex High Flow 3+ XL2 System

The Vertex HF3 Plus XL2TM pond aerator is a super-efficient, affordable system designed to maximize aeration in 3-5 acre ponds with irregular shapes and depths. The HF3 Plus XL2TM has the same 3/4hp (0.56kW) BrookwoodTM SafeStartTM compressor that our HighFlowTM systems use. It’s housed in the same rustproof aluminum outdoor cabinet as our standard Air 3TM system, yet boasts a larger manifold with a fourth valve and CoActive AirStationTM. The additional AirStationTM can be placed in cove areas, finger canals, behind shallow sandbars, or anywhere in the water body where the pond’s shape or bottom contour will limit the oxygen flow from fewer diffusers. The HF3 Plus XL2TM utilizes Vertex's MicronBubbleTM technology, allowing vital oxygen to be absorbed and poisonous gasses expelled.

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