Aquafix Nitrafix (1 gal)

Nitrafix is a natural biological product. Its sole focus is to keep nitrogen in the aquatic environment low. Nitrogen is often the limiting factor in many pond systems. Nitrafix is a consortium of autotrophic and heterotrophic organisms that lowers all types of nitrogen. It’s not just nitrifiers but it also contains some denitrifying organisms. The great thing about ammonia is when a pond is properly managed you can get rid of it. It will break down and go off as gas and get out of the pond. Forms of Nitrogen Nitrogen exists in several forms. The principal types of concern in water are: Total nitrogen, ammonia, nitrite, and nitrate. In ponds without aeration there is a greater tendency to build up total nitrogen and ammonia. In ponds with aeration nitrite and nitrate buildup can be a concern. Left unattended these levels of nitrogen will grow different forms of algae, plant matter, and cyanobacteria. The removal of ammonia by bacteria and oxygen is called ‘nitrification’ and the reaction looks like this: Nitrogen Waste —->NH3 (ammonia) —->N02 (nitrites) —-> NO3(nitrates) The conversion of nitrate to nitrogen gas is called denitrification: NO3—-> N2^ (nitrogen gas) It’s also important to note that the best source of these autotrophic bacteria is from runoff from the soil. This is one reason why ponds look so nice after a gentle rain and so bad during a drought. For additional product information, follow these links: MSDS and Product Label.
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