Aquafix CattZilla (2.5 gal)

Cattails and bulrush, both in the Typha genus, can be beneficial to an aquatic environment when carefully controlled. But given just a couple years of unmanaged growth, these plants will quickly cover the shallow water of an average-sized pond, often ringing the entire shore with stalks that can reach 10 feet high. This type of takeover can create monocultures by pushing out other desired plant species, can cause the formation of floating tussocks, harm the stability of the aquatic environment by reducing aeration and stifling the good bacteria, and hinder the aesthetic and recreational purposes of the pond or lake. CattZilla* is a pioneering product formulated for cattails, bulrush, and similar plants that grow in marshy areas. CattZilla will not kill anything but acts as an adjuvant for herbicides like glyphosate while also speeding degradation of the dead plant matter after herbicidal treatment. The degradation powers of CattZilla are especially helpful in knocking down cattail stalks that are standing up even after being killed. This product has been tested extensively and proven to work all over the country, having success from Florida to Wisconsin to Texas. For additional product information, follow these links: MSDS and Product Label. * This product is not for use in California, Washington, or Oregon. Rules for application must be followed in each state. Some states will not allow the use of this product and others have special permits. Call us, 888.757.9577 for more information. NOTE: CattZilla DOES NOT kill aquatic plants or algae
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