Goose Control

Flight Control Plus (1 gal) FC001 Flight Control Plus (1 gal) Spray-applied FlightControl® coats grass with a naturally occurring compound that repels geese. The repellent lasts through several mowings; it has no odor, and rain does not wash it away. $38475

Goose D-Fence (250 ft) GDFence001 Goose D-Fence (250 ft) Effective, retractable, and easy to install and move fencing system that utilizes two clear lines mounted 12" and 24" off the ground, stretching tight along the edge of lakes and ponds. Each system will cover 250 ft. Easily retractable and spring loaded $9990

Goose D-Fence Post GDFencePost Goose D-Fence Post Goose D-Fence Post – Additional posts are used to extend the goose defense coverage area and must be ordered separately. $1521

Transfilm (2.5 gal) TransF025 Transfilm (2.5 gal) Sticking agent that should be mixed with all goose prevention products when applied to turf. Helps improve the length of time an application will be effective and helps prevent the product from being washed away by rain or irrigation. $9349